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Curious Staffing Can Help You With Following Positions :


Warehousing & Manufacturing

Curious Staffing provides top-tier talent for warehousing and manufacturing roles. Our team ensures that you get skilled professionals to maintain and boost your operational efficiency and productivity.


Light Industrial Labor

We specialize in sourcing reliable and competent light industrial labor to meet your operational needs. Whether it's temporary or permanent staffing, our candidates are ready to contribute from day one.


Restaurant Industry

Our recruitment services cater to the dynamic needs of the restaurant industry. From front-of-house staff to kitchen personnel, we connect you with enthusiastic and skilled individuals to enhance your dining experience.


Automotive Industry

Curious Staffing excels in connecting skilled professionals with the automotive industry. We connect you with experts who bring technical proficiency and innovative solutions to drive your business forward, ensuring quality along the way.

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About Us

Curious Staffing Agency is Michigan's newest leading provider of employment and consulting services, dedicated to putting customers first. We pride ourselves on offering personalized solutions that foster successful, lasting partnerships between exceptional talent and top-tier companies. Guided by our core principles—customer focus, accountability, agility, and simplicity—we consistently strive to enhance our clients' success.

Curious Staffing Agency is committed to developing and transforming talent to a company's values and culture. We partner with our clients to transform their organizations towards excellence. With the help of our exceptional recruiters and consultants, we match employees and employers to create long-term partnerships.

Jay Nadeem
Executive Director

A plant management executive with a diverse background in program and project management, Jay brings an MBA and certifications including PMP®, CCMP, and CSM to the team. He has successfully spearheaded business growth, optimized processes, and improved operational efficiency across various industries, including Amazon, Quality Edge, Stryker, Gentex Corporation, and Apple. When he's not leading Curious Staffing, you might find him playing cricket or spending time with his family.

Ahmad Nadeem
Vice President

Ahmad Nadeem brings 28+ years of education sector expertise to his role as Vice President. With a Master's in Education, he has excelled as a Senior Subject Specialist, driving the professional development of educational personnel. His diverse background includes media leadership as the executive editor of a top South Asian fashion magazine and creative success as the owner and chief photographer of XSight Photography.

Peter Karadsheh
Director of Operations

With extensive experience in operations management, business development, and strategic partnerships, Peter oversees the organization's day-to-day operations and drives its mission forward. When he's not optimizing processes at Curious Staffing, you can find him running his restaurants such as Atlantic Fish Market and Savvy Sliders, among various other ventures.

Jared Lebel
Director of Strategic Partnerships

With over 20 years of experience in business development, marketing, and strategic partnerships, Jared leads the organization's marketing and outreach efforts. When he's not developing partnerships for Curious Staffing, you might find him in a yoga class or experimenting with the latest AI tools.

Caitlin Grant
Director of Reentry Services

Caitlin brings a wealth of experience in workforce development, real estate, and community engagement to support individuals transitioning back into the workforce after incarceration. When she's not championing reentry services, you might find her closing real estate deals or picking up her girls from school.

Brandon Lawman
Outreach Specialist

With a strong background in sales, marketing, and customer service, Brandon connects with potential clients and community partners. His expertise in communication and outreach is instrumental in raising awareness of Curious Staffing's mission and services.

Tiffany Fant
Billing and Reimbursement Specialist

Tiffany brings her expertise in claims processing, billing, and medical coding to ensure accurate and timely reimbursement for services provided. When she's not ensuring financial health for Curious Staffing, Tiffany can be found out in nature looking for that perfect shot or leading photography for other clients and Nexi projects.

Delaney Rutgers
Data Analyst

Delaney brings her expertise in actuarial science and statistics to analyze program data and drive data-informed decision-making. When she's not crunching numbers, you might find her hiking or volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Alejandro Salomon
Systems Director

Alejandro brings his expertise in Salesforce implementation and administration to manage the organization's CRM and ensure efficient data tracking and reporting. When not optimizing systems, he can be found out on the soccer field or playing one of his various instruments.

Our Curious Team

Our people are what set us apart

Why CuriousStaffing?

Our recruiting managers are experienced specialists with an insider’s perspective on your unique staffing needs. In working with the industry we have prided ourselves upon becoming the industry’s “go-to” agency by offering a strong candidate pipeline, quick turnaround to staffing requests and strong fill ratios.

Uncompromising personalized service to all of our clients and employees is the greatest milestone we can reach. We strive every day to accomplish this goal and help our clients and employees accomplish theirs.

Our Network

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